“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

Maya Angelou

When you’re hit with a major life event, it feels like everything around you has shattered into a trillion tiny pieces.

It throws you completely out of your rhythm… your flow.

Major things happen to ALL of us. Processing it all in the aftermath is pretty much the same for everyone —

At first, you’re in shock… “Did this really happen!?”

As reality sets in, you may feel like your world has caved in around you and that you have no place to go.

Then, fear… anxiety… overwhelm…

“What am I going to do!?”

“How am I going to get through this!?”

“My life will NEVER be the same!”

The only real difference from one person to another is how we FLOW from there.


After the death of my husband, EVERYTHING about my life changed that terrible morning.

My perspective and priorities changed dramatically — something that often happens following a traumatic event.

The road to recovery hasn’t been easy. It’s akin to a wild ride on a SCARY roller coaster — filled with a bunch of emotional ups and downs and all sorts of challenges.

It ROCKED my world to its very core!

With a lot of help and support, I managed to find my second act…

… and what feels like my TRUE calling.

So then the question became… “What am I going to do with it?”.

And the answer was as clear as the nose on my face…

… to use all of the wisdom, knowledge, skill and experience I’ve gained to provide the greatest amount of impact to others.


For me, the most fulfilling thing I can do and what I believe I’m really here to do is to help people like you learn to live a purposeful life after loss…

… FREE of the heavy, unrelenting SUFFERING

… to inspire you to believe in yourself and your potential, and to provide you with the support, guidance and skills you need to achieve your potential…

… to get back in your rhythm and flow.

So that’s what I’m doing.

And if I can continue being the catalyst that helps you live a life of joy, purpose and freedom, then my purpose will be served.


Here’s what this looks like from a practical perspective…

First and foremost, my role is to just be myself… to listen with purpose… to provide guidance if you want it, and share what I know with you as openly as I can.

Who is my audience… who do I serve?

Anyone who is suffering because of…

  • Messy divorce or end of relationship
  • Death of a loved one
  • Loss because of COVID-19
  • Loss of a business
  • Loss or impactful change in your job
  • Financial crisis
  • Shattered dreams
  • Health issues
  • …or something else

When life gets messy, many of us think we need to buck-up, pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and just get through the days.

BUT… in reality, that only prolongs your pain and suffering.

When I was trying to figure out how to put my life back together was that asking for help and support was the most amazingly HEALING thing I did for myself.

I couldn’t sort out all the things that needed sorting after my loss on my own…

…I couldn’t see past the pain. and I felt hopeless.

The single biggest defining moment of that period came when I finally reached out for help and support.

It changed my life.

I started feeling hopeful. The heavy burden I was carrying began to lighten. The sun started to shine, the sky looked blue again and, most importantly, my heart began to open.

If you’re suffering from ANY significant loss or traumatic life event, you have the power to take control… heal… recover… rebuild you and your life!


“Heal Your Heart” 8-Week Live Online Experience

I’m happy to announce my special upcoming healing event “Heal Your Heart” 8-Week Live Online Experience, where you and an intimate gathering of people who want to heal and begin a new chapter of life will share and learn simple practices to help you become whole again.

  • Every Wednesday for 8 weeks, you will be free to talk as openly as you feel comfortable doing about what’s in your heart and what’s concerning you. I will be there to listen and guide you all along the way.
  • Each week will build on the next, resulting in 8-weeks that will give you space to heal and gently walk you through the steps you need to know to help you rebuild yourself.
  • You’ll get the best of everything I’ve learned and know from decades of experience and training from a variety of ugly life events condensed into just 8 weeks, and you’ll finish feeling your light… your magic… your mojo.

This is an event you won’t want pass up. It’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Should you decide to join this healing gathering, it will lead you to the path to your new life.

Heal Your Heart” 8-Week Live Experience is coming April 7.

This will be a life-changing experience for a few of you, so register early… there are limited spots available and the event will fill quickly.


If you’re unsure or wondering if this is right for you, I’m happy to talk with you and answer your questions. The call is FREE and there is no obligation.

Having gone through many more messy life events than I would have chosen, combined with the work I’ve done to survive those messes, makes me uniquely qualified with the knowledge and training that is absolutely essential for helping you if you are suffering because of ANY significant life event.

I hope you will step out of the darkness into the light…

Much love,


Kerri Lewis
Surviving Life After Loss