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There Is A Beacon of Hope For You Here

You are not alone. While it may feel as if you are, you’re not. It may feel as though your pain will go on and on forever, but it will ease one day.

It takes time. You need rest. Staying in the present moment helps. Your pain will subside one day and you will begin to feel better. It’s true.

Becoming whole again, regaining your energy and moving forward with your life in a productive, meaningful way is essential to your health and happiness.

If you are grieving, or you want to help a friend who is grieving, I would love to help you through the journey, turn the page and open a new chapter.

“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.”

-S. Kelley Harrell

Grief counseling can help you accept the way things are now and create a meaningful life.

Finding Comfort In Difficult Loss

When you’re feeling intense emotions like grief and sadness, you need to talk to someone. You may find grief counseling, or another form of support, helpful. Simply being able to freely express what you’re feeling can bring you comfort and transform your suffering into well-being.

But… the thought of pulling yourself together for a face-to-face meeting with anyone can be overwhelming. Who wants to drag themselves out in public with a swollen, red face from crying, disheveled clothes and eye bags down to your chin?

Your heart is broken, you feel lousy from not sleeping, eating crappy food and bingeing on Netflix. Leaving the house for grief counseling is just too much effort.

Enter modern technology. Remote counseling is now more popular and appealing than traditional, face-to-face meetings.

Advantages to remote grief counseling
Grief counseling via ZOOM Meetings

The Benefits of Support From Wherever You Are

  1. Meetings from anywhere
    You can talk with me no matter where you are, by phone or online.
  2. No traveling
    You don’t have to go anywhere.
  3. Lower cost
    Remote meetings cost substantially less because many of the common expenses are lower or non-existent.
  4. Greater privacy
    Meeting remotely ensures you won’t run into anyone you know.
  5. Comfort and convenience
    You get to meet in your own home or the place you feel comfortable.
  6. Safety
    COVID-19 is still with us, but with no physical contact, no masks are needed.

How Remote Counseling Works

Remote meetings have become popular, even necessary, especially since the onset of COVID, and for good reason They are safe, convenient, comfortable and private.


Our private, online community for grievers gives you have 24/7 access to the community, weekly group gatherings, coaching and live Q&As.


Group gatherings meet using an online video conferencing service. These groups are separate from the private community.


We meet 1-to-1 for a private meeting by phone on your appointed day and time. No need for you to call… I will call you at the designated time.

A Few Things to Know

  • Before individual sessions, please be in a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted, have your phone with you, turned on and volume up, and be ready to have a conversation.
  • Group meetings will start on time. You will receive an email containing the link to join the meeting, and you will need to have ZOOM on your device before the meeting starts. When you click the link to join your meeting, you will be prompted to add ZOOM to your device if it’s not already installed. You only have to do this the first time.
  • The private community is for members only. You will be asked to join before you can gain access.

It’s Your Choice

Talking to me from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are, is more effective and convenient than dragging yourself to in-person sessions. When you’re relaxed in your own space, it’s easier to stay focused and to concentrate on the conversation.

Scheduling is easier because the times we get together can be more flexible. You may have very busy schedule, work during the day, or you are only available in the evening and or morning. This makes phone or online coaching ideal.

Private Community

This is a members only community available 24/7. You need to join as a member for access.

Individual Sessions

One-to-one grief counseling sessions can be scheduled using the online calendar on my website. You can also call, text or email me directly to talk to me or book your appointment.

Online Groups

Depending on the group you choose, you will join online at the designated time each week.

Besides to the choices listed here, you’re welcome to participate in any combination of these.

Friendship and Support is Waiting for You

You’re invited to arrange a complimentary call with me. There’s NO cost, NO obligation and NO pressure whatsoever — it’s just a conversation.

Phone or Text



Monday & Tuesday:
4pm – 7pm
Wednesday – Friday:
11am – 6pm
Noon – 5pm


Private Community

Surviving Life After Loss
You’re invited to join this community of grievers. We’ve got room for you.