The despair you’re feeling is a normal human response to traumatic loss. You are NOT broken. You don’t have a mental disease. You are responding to your loss, and it is putting you under tremendous stress. All of this needs to be managed.



Connecting with people who understand the pain and suffering you feel is comforting — it fulfills our basic human need for attention and community. You might be someone who is comfortable talking about your loss, or maybe you prefer to stay silent, yet still be connected rather than alone or isolated.



The Surviving Life After Loss community is about grief healing. It’s your best option to stay connected with others who understand and empathize with you.



You don’t want to risk falling into a deep, dark hole of endless sorrow. You can connect with others who are grieving for the same reasons you are, get weekly, live online coaching, including question and answer sessions with me, plus useful, proven tools and techniques that have helped others heal and thrive.



You Have Two Membership Options



Both the monthly and annual memberships start with a 7-day FREE TRIAL.



The free trial is part of a monthly or annual membership. Maybe your budget is a concern. This community is affordable — it’s the best investment you can make in yourself.



Your membership can stop any time you want… but I hope you choose to stay. I want to hear your story… I want to validate your grief, depression, anxiety, despair… I want to support you… and ultimately, I want you to find peace and healing so that you may rebuild your life.






When your heart is broken, reaching out for support can make a difference in how you feel in ways you can’t possibly foresee or imagine. I invite you to join this warm, compassionate community. You’ll find support to help you begin your healing journey.