Grief healing

The warm sun is streaming through my kitchen window. It’s a chilly 23 degrees. Patches of snow linger on the ground, settled under trees and the old lilac bushes out front. My coffee cup is filled with steaming, hot deliciousness.

It feels like the universe is giving me a big, warm hug.

Scrolling through Facebook while sipping my coffee, there are some lovely notes from old friends wishing me a happy new year and asking how I’m doing.

My heart is filled with gratitude.

It has been a little over 4½ years since my best friend and love left this planet. He’s gone from this earth, still, he’s alive in my heart, my mind and my memories. Sweet memories. I wish I could reach out and cup his handsome face in my hands. I miss him.

Life forever changed after Bobby died. That horrifying event is burned into my mind, and it gave rise to deep, dark emotions like nothing had done before.

Nearly a year passed before I stepped out of the darkness. It felt like it was time.

It took another year to actually start moving forward in a meaningful way. Every step was hard. At times, I fell back inside that dark place because I felt shattered again.

It’s coming close to five years. As I sit here this morning, I can honestly tell you I’m feeling tranquility and joy as I never expected. Little pleasures delight me. Bigger things cause me to feel deep thankfulness. There’s a sense of serenity in my life.

Before Bobby’s death, my goal was to achieve success in my career… to make more money… to find personal happiness.

Following his death, I discovered that those pursuits, while acceptable in our culture, did not cause me to be fulfilled or happy.

As I continue my healing journey, I define success and happiness very differently.

I’ve discovered that supporting others through their sorrows is healing. Just as I need to feel known, understood and cherished, so do others, especially those who are grieving.

My goal is to bring people together in a nurturing, healing environment… a place to find the comforting support and connection all human beings need.

This community offers a members’ forum, weekly, live online coaching sessions, including Q & A, plus useful, proven tools and techniques that have helped others heal and thrive.

This is where I find purpose. This is what joy looks like for me.

I’ve learned that grief doesn’t leave us. I’ve learned to coexist with it. I accept it. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. When it does, I let it wash over me, knowing the heaviness of it will soon pass.

Telling your story is healing. Sharing grief in a community is important because it’s a place that allows us to connect and to talk about devasting events.

I’m no one special. I am simply a woman who has experienced and survived loss. My healing journey continues. I’m excited about this calling to help and support others along a healing path.

As healing progresses, I live in peace and with grace. I am comfortable in this life. I wish the same for you.